Organic, gentle, delicious & effective herbal supplements for mama & babe. Because mother (earth) knows best.

I love these drops!  I used the teeth+tummy when my daughter was teething and had colic.  We both used the sleep drops, and I use the Happy drops in my water everyday. They are gentle but effective and totally safe for the whole family.  The new mama set is a great shower gift. 

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Loyal Hana

Loyal Hana is a chic collection of nursing and maternity clothes for the modern woman. With hidden zipper for breastfeeding, its stylish and functional.

I still wear my Loyal Hana jumpsuit that I wore all through my pregnancy!   This line is great because it doesn't look like maternity wear but is so comfortable during pregnancy and postpartum. And the side zippers make easy access for nursing without feeling totally exposed.  

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