Rachel Feldman is a certified personal trainer, prenatal and postpartum exercise specialist, prenatal yoga instructor, barre teacher and yoga instructor.  

After years of living in NYC and pursuing an acting career, Rachel made a huge life shift in her 30's and decided to move to the East End of Long Island and pursue a career in fitness. She focused on helping her clients achieve greater body awareness because she saw that when they were connected to their bodies and conscious of how they moved, they attained their fitness goals more easily and helped reduce pain and chronic injuries.  Rachel is constantly educating herself in all aspects of fitness and movement.  

Then after having her daughter on New Year's Day of 2017 Rachel began a focus on prenatal and postpartum training. During her pregnancy she taught 18 fitness classes a week and trained private clients 5 days a week.  She realized how physically demanding pregnancy is and made it a mission to help women through their pregnancies and postpartum journey's.